Meaning of Organizational Behavior: -

Organizational behavior studies the influence persons, groups, and structures have on human behavior within administrations. It is an interdisciplinary ground that comprises communication, psychology, sociology, and management. Organizational behavior accompaniments organizational concept, which emphases on organizational and intra-organizational subjects, and accompaniments human-resource studies, which is more, absorbed on daily business, performs.

Organizational Behavior introduction: -

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of the way people cooperate within groups. Usually this study is useful in an effort to generate more efficient business organizations. The dominant idea of the study of organizational behavior is that a scientific method can be useful to the management of workforces. Organizational behavior models are used for human resource determinations to exploit the output from separate group members.

Different models of Organizational Behavior: -

There are a diversity of different models and philosophies of organizational behavior (OB). Areas of research comprise refining job enactment, increasing job gratification, endorsing innovation and encouraging leadership. In order to attain the wanted results, managers may adopt different strategies, comprising reorganizing groups; adapting compensation structures and changing the method performance is assessed.

Basic Concepts of Organization: -

Organization mentions to the structure of association among positions and jobs which is created to attain a definite purposes and goals.

The Significance of Effective Organization: -

An association is the back-bone of management through which operations of a firm being functioned. It controls the association among people; work and resources get creative results.

Importance of Organization in any Institution: -

1. It facilitates administration and management
2. It helps in the growth and development of a firm.
3. It ensures optimum use of human resources.
4. It simulates creativity and innovation.
5. It allows use of modern technology.
6. It facilitates coordination in the firm.
7. It encourages managerial development
8. It ensures cooperation among personnel.

Steps in organizing business organization: -

1. Outlining the objectives.
2. Identification and enumeration of actions.
3. Transfer the responsibilities.
4. Giving the power.
5. Launching authority association.

Nature of Organization is Two-Fold, According to M.U Qureshi: -

1. It is a procedure of organization of employees' actions in an arranged manner.
2. It is an agenda of associations. 
It describes the association among individual to individual, position to position, job to job.

ORGANIZATION is used in two different things:

  • Organization as a procedure   
  • Organization as a structure of association.

Organization as a procedure: -

Organization is the special strategies recognized to bring order out of disorder when groups work together.


  • learn the basic ideas of organization
  • Recognize organization as a procedure.
  • Appreciate the principles of association.


Organization is measured as an active procedure and an executive movement which is essential for preparation the organization's resources, plant and tackle resources, money and people to achieve the numerous purposes and goals.

Organization as a structure of association: -

The types of organization

  • Formal Organizations
  • Informal Organizations

organizational behaviour

March 09, 2018