Benefits of eCommerce - Business Perspective

Following are the Benefits of eCommerce with respect to Business;

1. Global Reach

Its perspective is from buyer and seller both but more is from buyer.

2. Cost Reduction

There is reduction in the cost of product in this we aren’t talking about its manufacturing cost but buying and selling electronically reduce the intermediaries so due to less number of Intermediaries  the cost of the product is reduce.

3. Supply chain Improvers

Supply chain is one of the value chain and value chain consists of the value activities which in turn forms the value system.

4. Extended Hours

Availability of your business 24 hours.

Many other Benefits of eCommerce with respect to business;

  • New Business Model
  • Vendor Specialization
  • Rapid time to a market
  • Lower communication cost
  • Efficient procurement
  • Improved customer relation
  • Up to date company material
  • No city business permit or fee

Benefits of eCommerce - Consumer Perspective

Following are the Benefits of eCommerce with respect to Consumer;

  • Ubiquity
  • More Products and services
  • Cheaper product and service
  • Instant delivery
  • Information Availability

Benefits of eCommerce - Society Perspective

Following are the Benefits of eCommerce with respect to Society;

  • Tele communicating
  • Higher standard of living
  • Hope for poor
  • Availability

Major Business Pressure on eCommerce

1. Market and Economic

  • Environment of business transaction
  • Strong competition, Global economy, Regional trade agreement (WEO), significant changes in the market, increase power of a consumer.
  • Increase competitiveness, we need business analyst.
  • Economic policies should be known because of technological pressure.

2. Social and Environment Pressure

  • Changing nature of work force
  • Government regulation of banking and other services
  • Shrinking government subsidies
  • Increase importance of ethical and legal issues
  • Increase social responsibility of an organization.

3. Technological Pressure

  • Rapid technological pressure
  • Increase innovation and new technologies
  • Rapid decline in technology cost verses performance issue.

Managerial issues involved in eCommerce

There are main seven managerial issues involved in eCommerce;

  1. Is it real; realizing any consumer that it is useable, is it possible or not.
  2. How should we evaluate the magnitude of business pressure.
  3. Why B2B is so attractive; because intermediaries are less involved
  4. There are so many failures ; so how can we avoid them
  5. What should be the company strategy toward; competitive by using models
  6. How can we transform our organization into a digital one.
  7. What are the top challenges of

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December 15, 2018