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What is 'Business Law'

Business law is also known as corporate law or commercial law; Business law is defining as the form of law that that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of individuals and corporations involved in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is normally considered to be a subdivision of civil law and deals with the matters of both private law and public law.

Sources of Law

The term source indicates that the place of thing from where something emerges or come into existences. Source means origin of law. The source of law is relating to its validity. There is no unanimous view in respect of source of law among the thinkers. Here are five major sources of law which are discussed here und...read more

Types of Law

Law is an instrument to regulate and control the society. There are several types of laws in existence. There is no unanimous view in classification of law among the Jurists and scholars of this field. The basis of classification is also different among them. Therefore, it is very difficult task to give classificati...read more

Introduction to Business Law

Meaning and Nature of Law An ancient time people were free. They ruled by themselves. When people lived with group then they made rule to manage their behavior and conduct. Then after progressively they became ruler and ruled. Senior person of the group might be setup the rule and regulation at earlier time. T...read more

Classification of Law

Law can classify in many ways. We have divided law in two distinct categories i.e. substantive law or procedural law and civil law or criminal law.1.     Substantive Law or Procedural LawSubstantive law is a law that generates and controls the rights and duties of parties. For example; it includ...read more