Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the most important subjects in the financial area. It is deep rooted in our everyday lives. All of us work in large or small firms. These firms raise capital and then deploy this capital for productive purposes. The financial calculations that drive or goes behind raising and successfully deploying capital is the foundation of corporate finance. Corporate finance can be defining as, the zone that includes the financial parts of a business. Financial parts include accounting and investments.

Corporate Finance Notes

Financial mediators perform a significant role in the development process, mainly through their role in allocating resources to their maximum productive uses. More efficient financial markets aid economic agents trade, hedge, pool risk, raising investment and economic growth. Financial institutions provide consumers and... read more

corporate finance

February 13, 2017

Agency problem can be considered as:Managers Vs OwnersCreditors Vs OwnersSenior management Vs Junior managementOwners Vs Other partiesBrief discussion of each category of agency problem is specified below:1. Managers Vs Owners:In situation of joint stock company ownership is separa... read more

corporate finance

May 29, 2017