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Sources of Law

The term source indicates that the place of thing from where something emerges or come into existences. Source means origin of law. The source of law is relating to its validity. There is no unanimous view in respect of source of law among the thinkers. Here are five major sources of law which are discussed here more

Types of Law

Law is an instrument to regulate and control the society. There are several types of laws in existence. There is no unanimous view in classification of law among the Jurists and scholars of this field. The basis of classification is also different among them. Therefore, it is very difficult task to give more

Introduction to Business Law

Meaning and Nature of Law An ancient time people were free. They ruled by themselves. When people lived with group then they made rule to manage their behavior and conduct. Then after progressively they became ruler and ruled. Senior person of the group might be setup the rule and regulation at earlier time. more

Structure of Commercial Banks

A commercial bank is a financial institution that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and auto loans, mortgage lending, and basic investment products like savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). The traditional commercial bank is a brick and mortar institution with tellers, more

Types of Insurance

There are many types of insurance, we have explained Health insurance, Auto insurance, Life insurance, Pet insurance, Dental insurance, Travel insurance, Homeowners insurance, Business Insurance and Unemployment Insurance.Health Insurance: Insurance that reimbursements for medical expenditures. It is sometimes used more more

Types of Business Research

Making a decision is a critical part of any business project. A business proprietor can make firm decisions and stand by them, only when he is aware of the backgrounds of his marketplace. Laterally with the internal factors about your business, you also need to have broad understanding about the external factors more

Risk Management Definitions and examples

Below are some definitions and examples of risk management that explains risk with different aspects, such as risk management in general, in finance, in food industry, in insurance, in securities trading, in workplace. Risk Management in General:A probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any more

Associative and Distributive Laws of Set Operations

Associative Law Associative laws establish the rules of taking unions and intersections of sets. They are applicable to all sets including the set of real numbers. 𝐴 π‘ˆ (𝐡 π‘ˆ 𝐢) = (𝐴 π‘ˆ 𝐡) π‘ˆ 𝐢 This law states that by taking the union of a set to the union of two other sets is the same more

Strategies for improving oral presentations

We have explained fifteen tips for improving your oral presentation:Do your homework. No one can give a good presentation without putting in some serious time preparing remarks. Many talented speakers look as if they're just talking off the cuff, saying whatsoever comes to mind. But, in reality, they've spent more

Role of Finance Manager

In financial management, finance manager is chief authority. Not only to raise the finance of business, finance manager will also do many other works for business. Following are the main roles of financial manager. Raising Funds of Company: Finance manager analyze different sources of business. He didn’t get fund more

Sources of Recruitment Internal and External

There are different sources of recruitment which are classified under two main categories;Internal Sources: All the sources of recruitment within the company or organization.External Sources: All the sources of recruitment outside the company or organization. Internal Sources of RecruitmentInternal sources of more

Demand curve and its types with examples

Demand curve displays a graphical representation of demand schedule. It can be created by plotting price and quantity demanded on a graph. In demand curve, the price is represented on Y-axis, while the quantity demanded is represented on X-axis on graph. Definition of Demand Curve by R.G Lipsey:β€œThe curve which more

Demand schedule and its types

Demand schedule discusses a tabular representation of the association between price and quantity demanded. It determines the quantity of a product demanded by an individual or a cluster of individuals at specified price and time. Demand schedule can further have categorized into two types;These two types of demand more

Law of Demand

Law of demand defines the relationship among the quantity demanded and price of a product.It tells us that the demand for a product declines with rise in its price and vice versa, ceteris paribus (while other factors are at constant).So, there is an inverse(opposite) relationship between the price and quantity more

Contents of Research Proposal

Following are the contents of Research Proposal;Title Page:Personal data (your name, college or university title, date of birth, nationality, your contact information, college or university contact.Title of your planned research report. Wording of the title should be selected carefully, and their association with one more

Division of Capital Market

Division in the capital market on the base of the nature of security traded, i.e. bond market or debt market and stock market or stock market. Equity Market or Stock Market:The marketplace in which shares are issued and traded either through exchanges or else over-the-counter markets. Also recognized as the stock more

What is Capital Market

Capital market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers participate in buying and selling of financial securities like stocks, bonds, etc. The buying/selling is undertaken by participants such as individuals and institutions.Capital market is one in which individual and institutions trade securities to raise more

Types of Capital Market Primary and Secondary

Capital market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers involve in trade of financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc. The buying or selling is undertaken by participants such as individuals and institutions.Capital market consists of Primary Market and Secondary Market. Primary Market:Primary markets deal with more

Role of Financial Institutions in Economic Development

Financial mediators perform a significant role in the development process, mainly through their role in allocating resources to their maximum productive uses. More efficient financial markets aid economic agents trade, hedge, pool risk, raising investment and economic growth. Financial institutions provide consumers more

Factors Determining Price Elasticity of Demand

The price elasticity of demand is not the similar for all commodities. It might be or low depending upon number of factor. These factors which effect price elasticity of demand, in short-term, are as below:Nature of Commodities. In developed countries of the world, the per capital income of the individuals is more

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